Machining on lathes and CNC milling machines

DiMa also deals with machining.

  • Machines that we use for production are as follows:
  • CNC drilling and milling machine, shift in the X-6000mm axis, Y-1700 mm, Z-500 mm, maximum part weight 3000 kG
  • CNC milling center, X-1300 mm axis travel, Y-700 mm, Z-500 mm, maximum part weight 800 kG
  • CNC lathe for machining small parts up to Ø100 mm, turning length 300 mm
  • ST-40 CNC lathe with a maximum turning diameter of 648 mm, turning length 1118 mm, spindle passage 117 mm
  • CNC drilling machine for small-size parts machining
  • manual tool milling machine
  • a lathe with a turning length of up to 1500 mm
  • multi-radial drilling machine
  • frame and bench drills
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