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Did you think about outsourcing of your production? Maybe now is right time  to think about this?

Our company is a specialist inside welded steel construction. We are able to make details under 1 kg and up to 7 tons. We are open to show you our knowledge, experience and help with your production.

We propose fallowing service:

  • thanks to qualified staff of engineers and professional program (AutoCAD 2013 and Inventor 2013) we offer documentation in 2D and 3D
  • CNC milling and turning machines
  • plasma cutting
  • laser cutter
  • conventional machines (turning, milling, drilling, cutting, slotting)
  • guillotine, bending press, punching, hydraulic press
  • welding (MIG/135, MAG/131/136, TIG/141)
  • surface treatment (sandblasting, El- and hot galvanization, anodizing, oxidation, hardening, powder painting, chrome)
  • VT 1 and 2, PT 1 and 2, MT 1 and 2
  • packing and shipping